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  • History

    At the turn of the 20th century, only three dental specialists were to be found across Ontario, and only one in the whole province of Quebec.  No regulations existed to govern specialization.  Not until 1944 was an Ontario by-law adopted to recognize specialties and certify specialists.  Rapid growth in the various special branches of dentistry followed, as well as the number of dentists who began to limit their practices to them.   As a result of this growth, a Committee on Specialists and Specialization was established by the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) in 1945, with a vision to institute training programs in the various branches of dentistry and to effectively delineate clear and careful definitions of each specialty.  In 1960, the Committee presented a report to the CDA summarizing the requirements and licensing procedures of each province with respect to the various specialties.  It showed a wide discrepancy in standards and regulatory uniformity from one province to another.  It became very clear that guidelines were needed nationwide which licensing boards could and would adopt and implement. To address this problem, a proposal was included in the report  for  the creation of a national specialty regulations body;  this met with the Association’s approval.  One year later, a more specific proposal was presented to the CDA: to create The Royal College of Dentists of Canada. This too was sanctioned, and meetings followed to formulate a constitution for the College. On March 18, 1965, the Act of Incorporation for RCDC was passed in Parliament. The dream became a reality, and RCDC officially came into existence. Through this legislation, RCDC had parliamentary authority to examine dental specialists on a national basis.  

    Since that historic time, much has been accomplished in fulfilling RCDC's mission to maintain high standards of practice of the recognized dental specialties by examining qualified candidates for admission to Fellowship, and working with stakeholders to establish standards for dental specialty education, practice and certification.   

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